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Selecting the filing party

After selecting the filing type and clicking the Continue button, a new screen opens for entering details about the filing. In this example the screen is divided into three sections: Party Filer, Upload Documents, and Requested Relief.


Note: When filing an EOIR Record on Appeal, filing as a non-party, or filing a stipulation, selection of a Party Filer is not required. For examples of the CM/ECF NextGen screens for those filing types, click here. When party-filer selection is not required, the next step is to upload the PDF document.


Party Filer screen



Select the filer by clicking on the party name under Party Filer > Filer.


Party Filer selected



The selected filer now appears under Party Filer > Selected.



Party Filer screen

The next step is to upload the PDF.



Last modified at 10/15/2014