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Creating and updating PACER and CM/ECF accounts

To register for the Second Circuit's CM/ECF system, a user must complete and submit the online appellate ECF filer registration form available on the PACER Service Center's website. Registration is open to all attorneys, court reporters, and non-filing interested persons who would like to receive notices for cases of interest. Pro se filers may register to receive electronic notification of activity in their pending cases; however, permission to participate in the CM/ECF system as an ECF Filer will be determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with [an administrative order of the Court].


Registration for an appellate ECF Filer account is separate from and in addition to one's PACER account. PACER registration grants a user access to view docket reports and documents from a court's database, while an appellate ECF filer account enables a user to file documents electronically. A current PACER user is required to complete a separate additional appellate ECF filer registration form to request appellate filing privileges. Appellate ECF registration is a centralized process completed via the PACER Service Center website.


A CM/ECF account is an authorization to file in a specific Court, and it is separate from a user's nationwide PACER account. A user must complete a separate CM/ECF registration for every Court where the user intends to be a filer. A user already registered in another appellate Court should log in to the appellate filer account and add the Second Circuit.


By registering to participate in electronic filing, the participant consents to receiving only electronic service of all court documents in a case.


The links below provide detailed information about how to create and update CM/ECF and PACER accounts.




Last modified at 8/12/2016